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What is KinderFlute?


KinderFlute is a teaching method designed for young flute students between the ages of 5 to 10 years old. New!  Classes now include basic piano skills!


Many children play violin or piano at an early age, and younger children are now able to begin playing the flute using instruments with curved head joints and keys specially designed for smaller hands. 


Classes include one half-hour private lesson and a weekly group session filled with learning games and fun activities.

How did it get started?


Kinderflute was developed by award-winning flutist, Kathryn Blocki. Kathryn combined the research of Harvard professor Dr. John Ratey MD and applied it to the pedagogy of teaching the flute.  Kinesthetic learning is emphasized through the use of games to create an active, fun and engaging environment to best learn the flute and to build a lifetime love of music.

Many of the tenets of the class are based on recent research in neurogenesis and learning potential.

Why take KinderFlute?


With so many other extracurricular options, why choose KinderFlute?

  • Research has shown that studying music improves verbal memory and results in higher test scores.

  • Children learn how to set goals and work hard to achieve them, utilizing self-discipline and problem solving.

  • They are exposed to foreign language, world culture, history, physics, and math.

  • They learn social skills, teamwork, and build lasting friendships.

  • They learn self-expression and creativity.

  • It is a skill they can use throughout their lives.

KinderFlute in Action

Katelyn's Second Lesson


In this video, Kathy takes you through four-year-old Katelyn's second flute lesson.  Using the Pneumo Pro Wind Director, the student's learn exactly where the air should be directed.  It is a great visual aid.  Stickers are used to help the student with proper finger placement. 

A Year and a half later...


After a year an a half of lessons, Katelyn worked this piece up just a few weeks before the recital!

The Blocki Flute Method is the best I have used in my flute studio. The books are very well thought out and contain a balanced mix of new and classic songs and duets. 

KinderFlute Level II


This video shows a few of the group lesson activities in a KinderFlute Level II class.  Classes include movement and activities using rhythmic ensemble, parachutes, ribbons, and scarves.  Five-note patterns, which are the foundation of the Blocki Method, are taught utilizing fun and innovative games.

KinderFlute Northwest wins a grant from the Seattle Flute Society!

We are proud to announce that KinderFlute Northwest is the 2019 winner of the Seattle Flute Society's Weeping Willow Grant! The grant has enabled us to add more innovative learning opportunities to the KinderFlute program!

KinderFlute Northwest is now a member of the FlutePlay family!

FlutePlay is a world-wide team of teachers who create dynamic classes filled with a balance of learning & play.  Our team of teachers all specialize in teaching flute AND little people so you can be confident that your child will learn in a developmentally appropriate way all while having fun.


FlutePlay is a place where kids can be kids: with play at the forefront of learning, together we'll discover the joy of music through fun & innovation.  This website offers resources from teachers around the world for both Little Flute teachers and Little Flute Players.  Sign up now to receive the new Little Flutes Newsletter!

Click on the FlutePlay icon on the left to learn more!

How Do I Get Started?
Registration is Now Open for
FREE Intro to KinderFlute Classes!

Come try out KinderFlute to see if it is right for you.  Free Intro Classes will be held in July and August. Students will learn how to make a sound on the flute and play some fun music games!  Flutes will be provided for the class.  Sign up now and reserve your spot.  Space is limited!

FREE Intro to KinderFlute Classes:


Saturday, July 17, 2021

11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. 

Saturday, August 7, 2021

11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.


Location:  University Place Presbyterian Church

8101 27th Street W; University Place, WA

Room 132:  The Lodge, located on the 1st floor

Registration Procedure: 

To click on the button below to register for classes.  If you are unable to attend either of the free classes, I can schedule a meet and greet session with you and your child. Questions?  Please feel free to contact me at: 

How Much Does it Cost?

The KinderFlute program is $27.00 per week,

which includes one 45-minute group lesson and one half- hour private lesson. 

Do I need to buy a flute/piano?


Through a generous donation from Nuvo Instrumental LLC, I am able to provide students with a NuvoJ curved headjoint flute for the class.  You also have the option of purchasing or renting a curved-headjoint flute.  A variety of curved-headjoint flutes are available to purchase or rent at Ted Brown Music and Music & Arts for around $27-$33 a month.     


A basic keyboard is recommended for home practice; However, piano activities can be completed in the private lesson session.    


Required Materials

Students will also need to purchase the following materials:


Recommended Supplies

In addition to the flute, book, and Pneumo Pro wind director, I recommend the following supplies:

  • Music stand

  • Metronome or metronome app

  • Tuner or Tuner app

  • Small mirror to put on the music stand


New! Classes Now Include Basic Keyboard Skills!


We have added a new companion book to the Blocki Flute Method, Book 1 that teaches students basic keyboarding skills. 


Now students will learn to play the flute AND have basic keyboard skills!

The Flutes
Choosing the correct size flute:

What is the difference between the beginning flutes and how do I decide which flute is best for my student?

1) The NuvoJ, Mini-Di and Jupiter Prodigy flutes are the smallest beginning flutes and work well for the youngest beginners.  Typically preschoolers and early elementary students would begin with this flute (ages 4-5).

2) The second option is a traditional beginning flute, but with a curved head joint.  The curved head joint is used instead of the straight head joint until the student's arms are long enough to balance the flute comfortably.  This is typically used by students aged 6-9, though the primary factor in deciding is the size of the student. These flutes would include the Jupiter Waveline Flutes, the NuvoJ Flute, and the Blocki Beginner Flute.

3) The traditional C flutes use a straight head joint and are appropriate for most students age of 9 or older.  Again, the most important factor is the size of each individual student.

Jupiter Waveline and Jupiter Waveline Prodigy Flutes


The WaveLine Technology Headjoint reduces the distance between the lip plate and the keys creating better instrument alignment and easier tone production.  The smaller Prodigy has assisted fingering keys that are designed for flutists of smaller stature to ease hand position, and the one-piece body to low D reduces overall weight for better balance and playing comfort. 


These flutes are available to rent or to purchase at Ted Brown Music in Tacoma.  I highly recommend renting a flute for this age group for several reasons:

  • If you decide not to continue, you can return the flute.

  • There are convenient low monthly payments

  • Rentals come with a maintenance plan and instrument loners, in case your flute needs repairs.

The Di Zhao Mini-D Flute and Blocki Beginner Flutes


The Di Zhao Mini-D flute is designed for the smallest flute players (ages 4-5).  This flute is on the higher end of the price scale, but is of very good quality.  It is available on the Blocki Flute webpage.


The Blocki Beginner Flute is also a great option for students in the 6-9 age group.  This flute is relatively inexpensive and comes with both a curved and straight headjoint.  This flute is also available in a beginner pack, which includes the flute, Blocki Book 1, and a Pneumo Pro Wind Director.  It is available to purchase directly from or from Amazon (click on the image to order).

KinderFlute Northwest has received a donation of NuvoJ Flutes! 

Thanks to a generous donation from Nuvo Instrumental LLC, KinderFlute Northwest can now provide instruments to students enrolled in the program!!!  We now have both the curved headjoint NuvoJ flutes and traditional straight headjoint flutes for incoming students. 

Game Changer!  Thank you Nuvo Instrumental!!

Our Mission

As Kinderflute™ instructors, we have an intense desire to see each child realize their potential in all areas of their lives.  Through learning to listen, finger notes, produce a beautiful tone, read music, compose, and creatively express themselves; students are firing areas of the brain to make learning in all areas more productive. The group lessons are carefully planned to maximize learning potential. Movement and games are a major component in the group classes so that students maintain a keen sense of alertness.